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Low carb turkey wrap

These taste really good and have only 11 g net carbs per serving.


Use in place of bread for a low carb meal.

Turkey wrap:

  • 1 veggie wrap- optional:  grill in avocado oil for 5 minutes to make outside crispy
  • 2 slices organic sliced turkey breast
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 2 organic baby kosher pickles, sliced
  • 3 tbsp organic red onion, diced
  • lettuce or spinach
  • Spread:  Organic Kensington Mayo, Organic mustard




Lunch Box Snacks

Lunch box ideas:


Ants on a Log:  Organic celery and almond butter topped with currants or sliced dates

Pecan Pie:  Whole medjool dates- sliced length ways and pit removed.  Fill with chopped pecans.


Apples/Cheese:  Sliced organic apples and cheese or almond butter

Cheese and Crackers:  Dairy alternative cheese spread:  Kite Hill is my favorite!  Spread onto Mary’s Gone Crackers or celery sticks.

kite hill

Tortilla Wraps:  layer organic sliced meat with Kite Hill dairy free cheese spread seen above.  Layer with spinach, chopped walnuts, and your other favorite toppings.